Electric Nissan Ariya to go from North Pole to South Pole. A couple of years ago, along the wife of his, Chris Ramsey, drove the Mongol Rally in the older version of the Nissan Leaf. Do you have anxiety about the range? Perhaps you’ve not ever heard of it. It seems like the trek of 16,000km over Asia and Europe did not deter Mr. Ramsey from further electric adventures.

Nissan has announced that they are working with the adventurer in his trek between North Pole to South Pole. The vehicle chosen for this expedition is Nissan Ariya which will have significant modifications to adapt to the conditions.

Mongol Rally, despite being hard, is nothing more than an easy walk when compared to the experience in store for Chris during the 27,000 km (16,777 miles) journey. The majority of the distance is on asphalt roads The only support will be provided by a modified Ariya that will accompany the adventurous driver as they travel across North as well as South America. For the remainder of the journey , there will be no assistance available.

On the journey between North towards South Pole, the car and driver will have to face stunning but dangerous terrains temperatures as low as 30 Celsius (-22F) Sand dunes and deserts mountains, and glaciers.

Electric Nissan Ariya to go from North Pole to South Pole

In an electric vehicle that is capable of a 350 km (223 miles) range, it is a mass-market version. It will need extensive modifications in order to reach its destination. It will weigh more, and it will require massive tires to withstand the snow. This isn’t going to be an easy job, however Mr. Ramsey isn’t worried He’s thrilled about the task.

Nissan believes that the Ariya is the ideal vehicle for this mission The e-4ORCE all-wheel drive system is more than capable in the most difficult terrain. The tires, wheels and suspension will be altered to adapt to the terrain as well as the exterior strengthened by adding protection plates to the batteries and the drivetrain.

Ariya can already be described as a great design EV and with the modifications planned, it will appear like a model and what do you think? Perhaps Nissan will be able to sell custom components to Ariya users? If it’s not Nissan then there are many aftermarket businesses that are willing to provide an equivalent kit.

It’s never been done before in the past, and no one has ever driven any vehicle across the North the North Pole to South Pole, let alone one powered by electricity. It’s going be one hell of an adventure. Tell us that it cannot be accomplished and certain as heck we’ll try it.

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