Audi teases Activesphere concept meant for the off-road lifestyle. In all honesty, I wish that Audi had a crystal ball and could predict the future. We would quickly move into a motor if all future automobiles resembled the designs from Audi’s Sphere design project.

However, they virtually never get past the idea stage, as is the case with the majority of concept automobiles. Unless Audi takes a cue from Hyundai and the Ioniq 6, that is. The goal of the Sphere design project is to provide a glimpse of various future automobiles according to their intended location.

The Skysphere, which will be shown in 2021 at Pebble Beach and will resemble a steampunk coupe fit for Bruce Wayne, has already been spotted. Grandsphere, an electric GT measuring 5.5 meters long with suicide doors and a design that made grown men swoon, came after.

Audi teases Activesphere concept meant for the off-road lifestyle

Next, we were presented to the Urbansphere, a stunning interior-only city MPV with no steering wheel in sight that was considerably less dramatic and almost restrained. Audi seems to be thinning out its Sphere design and preparing it for impending production.

We were fortunate that Audi hadn’t forgotten what it had started with Skysphere and Grandsphere. It sent its designers back to the studio and provided them with an endless supply of coffee and cookies, so the results didn’t take long to come in. the Activesphere, please.

For the time being, all we have is a single hazy image, but what we can deduce from it is that the Activesphere is a substantial area that is connected to the Grandsphere. It is supported by enormous wheels with obscenely aggressive off-road tires.

For a minute, try to picture an Audi e-Tron RS that has been adapted to operate off-road. It is comparable to Ken Block’s recently introduced Hoonitron. Since there are no new images, let’s watch the movie of the Audi Grandsphere to get a better picture of what the Activesphere will look like.

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