Enyaq iV or Enyaq Coupe RS iV – Which Skoda is better. The Skoda Enyaq is a significant vehicle for the Czech carmaker because it is the first entirely electric vehicle to leave the assembly line. It continues to uphold the Skoda brand’s heritage with a wealth of standard features and a competitive price.

However, unlike in the past, when it frequently used an outdated platform, Skoda today shares the newest technology with its brothers from VW, Audi, and Cupra. Both models use a 58kWh or a 77kWh battery, with twin-motor all-wheel drive option for the bigger battery. The speedier trims for both vehicles are the 80, which has a single motor and 150 kW (204 hp), and the 80x, which has a twin motor and 195 kW. (265 hp).

Still, interestingly, the Coupe version accelerates to 100 km/h slower, taking 6.5 seconds as opposed to 6.2 seconds for the fundamental Enyaq iV. Given that the Coupe version is 25 kg less, it should be just as quick or slightly quicker. The Enya and Enyaq Coupe have very distinct cosmetic differences, but the Coupe also excels in other areas.

Enyaq iV or Enyaq Coupe RS iV – Which Skoda is better

The sportier model has a higher range, giving it a distinct aerodynamic edge. The Enya Coupe outperforms the Enyaq RS with a WLTP range of 505 kilometers. Real-world testing gives us lower results, yet the disparity between the two still exists. However, the range disparity gets smaller as a model’s power increases, with both vehicles in the 80 trim having a 10 km WLTP advantage for the Coupe.

The Coupe has more pronounced air vents on the bumper, but other than that, the two cars’ front ends are nearly identical. The lesser 60 and 80 trims come standard with identical wheels, whereas wheel designs vary across models and depend on trim.

Let’s now examine the primary distinction. The two cars turn away from each other at the B pillar. The Enya preserves its SUV body, and its roofline only swoops slightly in the direction of the rear of the vehicle. The headroom in the back and the trunk capacity would be expected to be the obvious advantages. You’d be surprised, I suppose.

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