The Q4 e-Tron, Audi’s maiden excursion into electric small SUV territory, has now been completely revealed to the public. But wait, there’s more: the Q4 Sportback e-Tron is available for those who like a more ‘dynamic’ rear end.

Aside from the design, the two will come with the same three power sources and two batteries. As a result, we’ll use the terms “Q4” and “Q4 e-Tron” interchangeably in the following sections, however, similar details also apply to the Sportback variant.

The Q4 35 e-Tron is the entry-level model in the lineup, with a rear motor capable of delivering 125 kW (170 hp) and 310 Nm of torque. This allows for a 9-second acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) and a top speed of 160 km/h (100 mph).

It has a battery with a useable capacity of 51.5 kWh (55 kWh gross). This charger can charge at 7.2 kW AC and 100 kW DC. In the WLTP cycle, the Q4 35 e-Tron has a range of up to 341 km (211.9 miles), while the Sportback has a range of up to 349 km (216.9 miles).

The Q4 40 e-Tron retains the single rear engine but boosts power to 150 kW (204 hp), torque to 310 Nm, and a larger battery with a usable capacity of 76.6 kWh (82 kWh gross). The race from 0 to 100 km/h takes 8.5 seconds, and the top speed is limited to 160 km/h. In the WLTP cycle, one charge is good for up to 520 kilometers (323 miles).

The top-of-the-line Q4 50 e-two Tron’s electric motors produce a maximum power output of 220 kW (299 hp) and 460 Nm of torque, enabling electric all-wheel drive. This model accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and has a top speed of 180 km/h that is electronically regulated (111.8 mph). Only when great power or good grip are required does the front axle motor engage.

Audi Q4 1

The battery in the Q4 40 e-Tron and Q4 50 e-Tron is the same, and it can be charged at up to 11 kW AC and 125 kW DC. In 10 minutes, you can reach 130 km (80.8 miles) of the WLTP range, or travel from 5% to 80% in 38 minutes on the latter.

In the WLTP cycle, the Q4 50 e-Tron can go 488 kilometers (303 miles) on a single charge, while the Q4 50 Sportback e-Tron can travel 497 kilometers (308 miles).

When you remove your foot off the accelerator pedal in gear D, the automobile coasts. If you want to recover, shift to gear B, where recovery is virtually always used unless when the car is stopped. The maximum deceleration allowed is 0.15 g. You can manually select between three recovery modes – 0.06g, 0.10g, and 0.15g – using optional shift paddles on the steering wheel.

The drag coefficient of the Q4 e-Tron is 0.28, while the drag coefficient of the Q4 Sportback e-Tron is 0.26. The slight gains in range for the Sportback are most likely due to this change.

The Q4 e-boot/trunk Tron’s offers 520 liters (18.3 ft3) of room, which expands to 1,490 liters (52.6 ft3) when the backseat is folded. The Sportback variant has a capacity of 535 and 1,460 liters (18.8 ft3 and 51.5 ft3), respectively.

With braked trailers at a 12 percent inclination and an optional trailer hitch, rear-wheel-drive models can pull a weight of 1,000 kg (2,204 pounds), while all-wheel-drive models can pull up to 1,200 kg (2,645 pounds).

The infotainment system is available in three trim levels: MMI, MMI plus, and MMI pro. The base model includes a 10.1-inch 1540×720 touch display in the center console, while the MMI plus (due out in late 2021) has an 11.6-inch 1764×824 touchscreen and a passenger Wi-Fi hotspot.

Audi Q4 2

The top-of-the-line MMI pro includes an AR HUD as well as “the Audi virtual cockpit with the Audi smartphone interface with wireless connectivity.” It includes the same center touchscreen as the plus model, and all models have a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster screen that can be controlled from the steering wheel.

The Q4 e-Tron will be available in European markets in June, with pricing starting at €41,900 in Germany. In late summer, the Sportback will arrive, costing almost €2,000 extra.

The exquisite Edition One in geyser blue embodies the design of the Q4 e-Tron concept show car in a production model, while the progressive Edition One in typhoon gray turns heads thanks to its decidedly sporty and dynamic looks, according to Audi.

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