The performance version of the updated Porsche Taycan takes on Nurburgring. These breathtaking images, provided by Autoexpress, will send your blood racing. Here we see a high-performance Porsche Taycan prototype undergoing testing at the infamous Nurburgring. Porsche overtook the Tesla Model S’s Nurburgring record despite having a theoretically slower vehicle.

Taycan, although heavier and having less power than Tesla, was nonetheless able to steal the show because of its handling, namely its ability to maintain far higher speed around the turns. A faster Taycan seems unnecessary. Taycan is and always has been Porsche’s laboratory rat. Even if it became an overnight sensation, the corporation would still use it to try out wild ideas.

Electric versions of the Boxster and 911 will follow the Taycan’s lead. Taycan’s development will be pushed to its limits, and the business will use the knowledge and technology to create even quicker electric Porsches.

The performance version of the updated Porsche Taycan takes on Nurburgring

It’s clear from the pictures that this isn’t simply a Taycan with a new paint job and a spoiler. With a complete FIA cage and what seems to be a Recaro P1300 bucket seat for the driver and a Porsche GT3RS seat for the passenger, this development chassis is ready for the track. Could this Taycan be a GT RS variant?

Although very improbable, wouldn’t it be cool? Compared to a Tycan Turbo S, this prototype has a lower center of gravity, and despite the high speeds being used, very little lean can be seen, even in the corners. The car’s suspension has been upgraded and is completely adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about a thing when driving.

A high-precision GPS unit is stuck to the top of the Taycan; it and other sensors in the vehicle work together to track the vehicle’s performance and determine the best chassis tuning. Images taken outside the track show the identical vehicle but with street-legal Tycan Turbo S wheels and tires, so it’s evident that the car in the photos was racing.

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