Dongfeng EV EX1 Pro is a Chinese Dacia Spring, starts at $7,800. A starting price of RMB 55,700 for the newly launched Dongfeng EV EX1 Pro in China is slightly over $7,800 or a hair over €8,000 at the time of this writing.

This is an updated model of the EV EX1, which is currently on the market. The new ternary lithium battery pack is the main upgrade from the previous generation. The Dongfeng EV EX1 Pro is a rebadged Renault City K-ZE, the Chinese equivalent of the French manufacturer’s Dacia Spring.

The automobile is based on another Renault, the Renault Kwid, a compact SUV powered by gasoline and produced by several firms under various brand names. According to the CLTC standard, the improved battery has a range of 331 km, an improvement of only 10 kilometers over the previous version. There’s a more substantial display inside the vehicle. You’re looking at the second-most costly model, the Tiger Yao Edition.

Dongfeng EV EX1 Pro is a Chinese Dacia Spring, starts at $7,800

Dongfeng is ecstatic to share the news that their new EV EX1 Pro comes standard with safety features, including airbags in every configuration. Contrary to what you would expect, most compact EVs in the Chinese market doesn’t come standard with airbags.

Dongfeng changed the upholstery and added colorful accents to the otherwise sparse interior, making it seem more like the foreign models. Voice commands may now control the navigation and media systems in the infotainment system.

As with the Dacia Spring, the Chinese specifications are confusingly similar. Both include a 33 kW electric motor and a 27.17 kWh battery, the latter of which seems to be an increase. Although smaller than its European equivalent, it has a range of 100 kilometers further.

Having an open mind is essential since the Chinese CLTC testing method tends to provide too many positive findings. The newer version, like the one sold in Dacia, has rapid charging capabilities. This is presumably the 30 kW CCS.

It would seem that with this new model, Dongfeng raised the specification to the level expected in Europe. With pricing beginning at $7,800 and ranging as high as $8,800 for the top trim level, it’s clear that this vehicle will sell well.

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