Sar Mecha Dragon – an electric sedan from Great Wall. Yet another nugget plucked from the Chinese press. A third look was necessary to confirm that this wasn’t some prank or deliberate diversion on the part of Chinese news outlets; nonetheless, the device is genuine, and its creator, Great Wall, deserves credit.

Because many items made in China share the habit of having creative names, perusing AliExpress may provide endless hours of amusement. Unfortunately, the practice of giving cars outlandish characters has been spreading throughout the automobile industry for some time now.

Hence, we have brands such as Ora Funky Cat, Build Your Dream, CoolBear, Chery Skin, Geely Leading, Urban Ark, SouEast, and Superlong. Don’t ignore the Dongfeng Fukang or the Gonow. Instead of telling your pals that you got a CoolBear because you hate your sister’s Chery Skin and your neighbor’s Funky Cat is too slow to keep up with your dad’s Superlong, try explaining it in bZ4X, e: NP1, ID.4, or bZ3 and see if you get the same reaction this time.

Sar Mecha Dragon – an electric sedan from Great Wall

Undeniably, the Chinese names for vehicles and other things are more straightforward to remember than the modern fad of using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. They also can make others chuckle. Yes, it’s the Great Wall’s very own Mecha Dragon.

That brand wouldn’t have made it through the prototype phase, and the design would never have even made it off the napkin it was created on. However, here we are, staring at a car that appears 5.2 meters in length as it came straight out of a Manga published in the 1990s.

Also, it’s pretty cool. After its debut at the 2021 Guangzhou Auto Show, nobody paid much attention to the vehicle. However, Great Wall didn’t, and now we know the automobile is coming to market (very soon) since MIIT has officially homologated it.

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