Geometry G2 is yet another tiny EV from China. What’s tiny yet adorable and has vast, doe-like eyes? And it runs on electricity, too? Rather than a new Pokemon character, China’s rapidly expanding market for micro-sized electric vehicles has welcomed the Geometry G2.

Despite their diminutive appearance, they provide all the features of a modern electric car, except for passenger volume. The dimensions of Geometry G2 are 3 meters in length and 1.5 meters in width, making it compact enough to fit in the back of a Ford F-150 Lightning. The 715-kilogram weight of G2 means that Ford is unlikely to notice. Because it is higher than it is broad (1.6 meters), you should be careful while turning sharp bends.

Unbelievably, clients may choose between two different power outputs, 27 hp, and 41 horsepower. The 27-horsepower electric engine will easily light up the 13-inch front tires. Only that it’s an “LFP pack” (Low-Frequency Power) known about the batteries. The G2 does not try to hide its Chinese heritage and displays the brand name Geely over the whole rear.

Geometry G2 is yet another tiny EV from China.

Due to its compact size, the G2’s panoramic glass roof spans the entire cabin, each of the four seats is comfortable in its own right, and the car’s customary center screen is instead located on the passenger side.

Customers have the option of selecting white as their preferred color. Streamlining the manufacturing process is one option for making more automobiles. The car’s front end may be customized with various bright colors, including purple, orange, and salmon pink.

Further, consumers have a choice between two distinct wheel designs. Hidden ingeniously under the front grille emblem, the car’s charging outlet allows for quick and straightforward recharging in any setting. This should be mandatory for all EVs. However, some people think that mounting it to the side is safer. The public debut of the Geometry G2 will take place in November at the Guangzhou Auto Show. It will then be released to the public later in the year.

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