Tesla Model Y Standard Range new entry trim lands in Europe. With all the news around us constantly talking about prices of new electric cars rising, we are happy to report that now you can save at least €3,000 on a new Tesla Model Y. Happy Friday! Until now Tesla only offered two trims of the Model Y – Long Range and Performance.

The Long Range in Europe has an 82 kWh battery and 351 hp AWD option and starts at €56,990 in Germany but in Spain, the same model will set you back €65,990. The Performance model is the one with 457hp and the 82 kWh battery – this model costs €65,490 in Germany and in Spain, while in Belgium, and France it starts at €70,000 with Sweden taking the crown with an eye-watering €76,160.

Tesla Model Y Standard Range new entry trim lands in Europe

Despite all these regional differences, there is some good news today – Tesla is finally introducing the Standard Range Model Y. This is a single motor RWD model with 204 hp and 350 Nm of torque. The battery is significantly smaller at 50 kWh capacity, but according to the WLTP test cycle, the car is capable of going 455 km on a charge with the standard 19” rims.

It is over 100 km less compared to Long Range Mode Y but in some of the countries in Europe, the car will qualify for local tax incentives due to its lower price and as a result, it will get even cheaper. Just looking at the prices from a few countries – In Belgium the new model starts at €49,990 which is €6,000 cheaper than Long Range.

Tesla Model Y Standard Range new entry trim lands in Europe

In Germany, the same model is €53,990 making it cheaper than Long Range by €3,000. In France, the difference is €5,000 with the Model Y now starting at €49,990. Ireland is shockingly expensive with the starting price set at €59,490 which is €7,000 cheaper than Long Range and yet somehow is nearly €10,000 more than the same model in Belgium.

The biggest saving is in Italy though, due to local pricing the entry Model Y starts at €49,990 which is €16,000 less than the Long Range version. The most expensive place to buy a new entry model Tesla Y is Czechia with nearly €61,000 asking price and the cheapest place in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with the Model Y in all three countries starting at only €41,990.

Tesla Model Y Standard Range new entry trim lands in Europe

All these price differences make the buying experience quite confusing, in some places Model Y is now cheaper than Model 3, this version is not available in the US – if it was it would be nearly $20,000 cheaper than Model Y Long Range. Availability on Tesla’s website is quoted as between December 2022 and February 2023.

There is no mention of where the new Model Y is manufactured, it could be made in Giga Berlin and it is possible this is the one with cheaper LFP batteries from BYD. It is also possible the cars are coming from Shanghai as is the case with most Teslas sold in Europe.

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