The Frigate 07, a flagship SUV from BYD, was launched. BYD offers a wide range of models that are similar to a set of Russian dolls in that there are series within series and the models aren’t necessarily all that distinct from one another.

Let’s attempt to clarify that because the new flagship SUV simply serves to further the uncertainty. In order to concentrate on NEVs or New Energy Vehicles, BYD launched a new car line in 2013 named Dynasty Series. The BYD Qin, the first vehicle in the line, became the best-selling electric vehicle in 2014. The BYD Tang, a medium-sized SUV that comes in BEV, PHEV, or EREV (extended range EV) versions, is one of the 12 cars in the Dynasty series that we are currently reviewing.

The Frigate 07, a flagship SUV from BYD, was launched

Seven vehicles use the BYD Ocean Series platform, with the BYD Seal likely being the one best recognized outside of China. This family includes the new Frigate 07 SUV, which is intended to sit slightly below the BYD Tang from the Dynasty Series. After that, let’s have a look at the BYD Frigate 07, the newest flagship in the Ocean Series.

Although it is just 8 cm shorter in length than the Audi e-Tron at 4,820 mm, the difference in its wheelbase, at 2,820 mm, is substantial. The front overhang is longer than the rear one when we see the automobile from the side. It’s because the 1.5T range extender is positioned quite far in front of the front axle, much like older Audi engines were.

The Frigate 07, a flagship SUV from BYD, was launched

The Frigate 07 is available with a twin-motor AWD system that adds a 150kW motor to the rear axle or with a single 145kW motor driving the front axle. The faster model, designated DM-p, accelerates from 0 to 100 kph in 4.7 seconds.

The battery capacity is unclear, but according to BYD, the electric-only range is either 100 km for the DM-i version with a single engine or 200 km for the DM-p variant with a performance emphasis. The Destroyer 05, which debuted in March of this year, was the first of the Ocean Series models designated after a particular kind of battleship.

The Frigate 07, a flagship SUV from BYD, was launched

The BYD Frigate is already the second. very bad naming policy in light of the present-day tensions throughout the world. Pre-sales for the BYD Frigate 07 have already begun, and it will be available in the last quarter of 2022. The starting price for the single motor version is RMB 220,000 ($32,000), while the price for the more powerful twin-motor variant is RMB 280,000 ($40,750).

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