Ken Block unveils his latest Gymkhana tool – the Hoonitron. Monterey Car Week never ceases to amaze. Ken Block and Audi made the decision to utilize the event to unveil the newest vehicle in the enduringly successful Gymkhanas series.

Over the years, Ken Block and his wacky talents and equally wacky automobile inventions won over all of us. When the Hoonicorn, which was based on the Mustang, was discontinued, we believed Ken would never create a superior design.

We were mistaken. Ken worked together with Audi to replace the Hoonicorn with the Hoonitron, an Audi S1 E-Tron Quattro. The car’s source of inspiration is obvious; it was constructed utilizing Audi RS E-Tron GT and is closely modeled on the original Audi S1. The amount of welding and cutting that went into this job is beyond our ability to fathom.

Ken Block unveils his latest Gymkhana tool – the Hoonitron

But the outcome is astounding. It appears as though the E-Tron GT was severely smacked from behind, flattened from the top, and had some wrinkles ironed into it with a massive iron. Then, the largest and most offensive wing ever was attached to the back, and a front wing with the shape of a snowplow was slapped onto the vehicle.

The outcome was a true masterpiece. You can tell this monster of a car is serious about business just by looking at it; in fact, whatever business it may be, it probably invented. Nothing can reach it because of how far out there it is. The Hoonitron is extraterrestrial, whereas Hoonicorn was outlandish.

Hoonicorns are merely soft, cuddly toys on this planet. The vehicle was created by Audi under the supervision of design head March Lichte, who acknowledged that the 1987 Pikes Peak champion Quattro S1’s original, short wheelbase version served as an influence.

He said that the entire job was finished in about 4 weeks, and Ken Block was actively involved every step of the way. 4 weeks? I endorse Ken Block for President! It will be possible to end inflation in two weeks, end world hunger in ten days, and bring about world peace in a week.

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