Fisker PEAR will be revealed as soon as possible. The company, Fisker, has opened order books for their new car, Pear. Interested parties can now make reservations. While the exact number of buyers is not currently known, the interest in Pear was high and within the first 10 days of opening its order books, 1,500 people had pre-ordered the car.

The company is keeping customers interested by releasing teasers to what’s to come from time to time. A smaller version of the Fisker will be available in 2024. Expect to see a prototype and presentation of the model in August.

Fisker PEAR will be revealed as soon as possible

The company has sped up plans for this model and anticipates it will come much sooner. The Pear is priced below $30,000 and will be less complicated than other cars. The car will not have a rear hatch to access its trunk but it will have an alternative way to store objects.

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The car’s windshield will be broader, wrapping around the corners to offer increased visibility. With an innovative shape and wheels that extend to the corners of the interior, the new car will provide greater space. Recently the company announced it was selling some of its shares to raise more cash.

The irony is that the lower price will prompt US purchasers to buy more and cause a shortage of cars on the market, which means you would have to wait a long time before being able to purchase one. Due to supply chain issues the automakers can’t handle the orders, customers are getting impatient with waiting. Hopefully Fisker will be able to deliver cars soon after market cooling off.

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