Motor Company Honda announced its upcoming vehicle, the Honda Prolouge. On October 9th, a teaser released revealing an early design sketch of the vehicle. So far, it has shown a sleeker frame with some hints of the honda e:architecture seen in the front and hints.

In appearance, the look of this model resembles that of a sporty SUV that can taken on weekend getaways. Its technology is electrified too which will provide a cleaner, simpler world for today’s consumers with reduced cost but without sacrificing performance or quality.

Honda Prologue “adventure-ready” SUV showcased in teaser image

The car has three different drive modes; regular, hybrid, and electric all of which will bring efficiency benefitting the company’s global plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Today Honda started their campaign for the car with much fanfare announcing they plan to “establish long-term relations” between themselves and their customers through these changes and built anticipation up by releasing other teaser images in various forms including virtual reality-generated ones like a sketch seen above illustrating how close they are to completion of the design and how it must have created using VR because that is where they do their design work now as well before.

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