Mercedes-Benz EQG will remain true to its origins with performance. The G-Class, often known as the G-Wagen or G-Wagon, has been utilized by European militaries and police agencies and has gained iconic significance across the globe.

Expect nothing in the way of revisions, as Mercedes is cautious about the reputation of its best-selling 4×4 and intends to keep it loyal to its original design of a ladder frame with a body mounted on top, excellent off-road capabilities, scary performance on the road, and a premium pricing. Mercedes’s frequently-displayed Concept EQG will go into production in 2024 with minimal changes.

Mercedes was only willing to make minor updates, such as updating the lighting, adding an LED grille, and significantly rounding off the edges. The cabin is also being updated. However, the Hypercreen will not be available on the EQG. If I’m being sincere, it’s not a huge loss.

Mercedes-Benz EQG will remain true to its origins with performance.

Mercedes-Benz chairman Ola K√§llenius drove the vehicle on the off-road testing grounds in Austria and said about the experience: “It was mind-blowing. I realize I am setting myself up for disappointment. Still, my anticipation upon exiting that vehicle has made me impatiently await the arrival of the electric G.

It handled well and was a joy to ride in. With the most energy-dense battery we can install in a vehicle with a little aerodynamically challenging driving co-efficient, it will have outstanding performance on and off the road. To say the G-Class and, by extension, the EQG has poor aerodynamics would be an understatement. At low speeds on the dirt, it’s not a big deal.

Thanks to its remarkable capabilities, you soon forget that you’re operating a square tank. However, the G63, for instance, defies all physical rules when driven. We have no idea what it will be like to drive the EQG at this stage; all we know is that it will be faster. The EQG will launch with a conventional battery pack, but Mercedes has already begun discussing the arrival of the revolutionary technology in 2025.

A Mercedes electric vehicle’s current energy density is about the same as that of the LFP batteries, which means it will be improved by up to 40 percent. The EQG will need it all to provide a practical range, but even the first edition models that use the existing technology will be exciting.

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