Nio changes the ES7 name to EL7 in Europe hours before launch. Nio’s European website branches changed the name of the upcoming ES7 SUV hours before it officially launched on the Old Continent. It’s now called EL7 by most European websites.

The global version refers to it as ES7. The company stated that it avoids unnecessary complications in an ongoing German lawsuit where Audi claims the ES8 and ES6 names infringe copyrights. Nio claims it started trademarking products all over the globe in 2016.

Nio changes the ES7 name to EL7 in Europe hours before the launch

It will continue fighting against Audi in court for the time being. Nio changed the name of ES7 Europe to the name of its customers. Nio has built so many EV cars yearly. This could cause problems with sales while the lawsuit is pending. The launch event for the new Nio EL7 will take place in Berlin today at 18:00 CET.

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