Tesla is already planning a huge sales push before the end of the year. According to German media, Tesla has ambitious plans for its Giga Berlin plant. In the first eight months, Tesla sold 25,000 vehicles in Germany. This puts Tesla at 16.5 percent of the market for battery electric cars. Tesla hopes to sell more cars this year than it has, with the Giga Berlin increasing its production and setting new records.

According to the report, Tesla plans to sell 80,000 cars in Germany this year. This means the company will sell 55,000 more cars in the next four months than in the previous eight months. Although possible, many things will need to go right for the company. The Model Y is almost twice as expensive as the European average for a new car.

Tesla’s German cars are still quite expensive. This doesn’t seem like it has affected the buyer’s mood. The current order backlog is around 457,000 units worldwide, with some customers in Germany still waiting for models for as long as 23 days. Giga Shanghai began producing large quantities of cars for export while Giga Shanghai was in China.

Tesla is already planning a huge sales push before the end of the year.

Tesla splits Shanghai’s factory production between local and export markets rather than making cars for all markets simultaneously. Each quarter begins with export vehicles, as seen at the Shanghai port. This video is fantastic, especially considering that all of the cars in the video are exported. Despite manufacturing the most cars, it failed to meet its delivery targets. The missed deliveries had a significant impact on the share price of the company.

Add that to the questionable announcement about an autonomous robot during AI Day, and you can see why Tesla had a terrible week in the market. Despite the setback, the company continues to push ahead with plans to deliver almost 1.4 million vehicles this year. It has already produced 930,000 cars this year, with just over 909,000 delivered.

Tesla has already manufactured so many EV cars already. It will need to produce and deliver 450,000 more vehicles in the next three months. Giga Shanghai aims to produce 20,000 cars per week, putting China’s goal at 266,000 units by year-end. There are still nearly 200,000 cars that can be made between the other factories.

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