Mercedes’ EQG does the Tank turn on video. The Mercedes G-Class is likely to have a fully electric counterpart in 2024, and that it will live up to the high standards of the ongoing model. In a display by Mercedes, the truck seen pulling a move called ‘The Tank Turn’ where one side of the car rotates while the other side remains stationary.

Mercedes’ EQG does the Tank turn on video

Rivian teased that its R1T can pull off this stunt back in 2019, but the actual feature not offered on Rivian vehicles until further notice. The Tank Turn is difficult, yo! Moving on back to the Mercedes EQG – it will come with an independent front suspension and a rigid rear axle.

The car expected to feature a longer range Silicon Anode battery, offering up to 40% more energy density at cell level than what’s available in prototypes of 2020’s EQXX concept car.

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