Tesla opens its Superchargers to other EVs in five new European countries. This brings the total number of countries where this type of electric car charging station is available to eight, which includes a pilot program that was available in the Netherlands and France earlier.

If you are not familiar with the New Model, Tesla is working on a Supercharger access program for new EV models like Volkswagen, Mercedes and more.

Tesla opens its Superchargers to other EVs in five new European countries

There are certain criteria that must met before your vehicle can qualify for the program and Tesla is only offering it to a select number of cars. At present, 15 of the UK’s Tesla charging stations whitelisted to accept vehicles with pre-arranged appointments. Norway currently has 58 of the country’s available Tesla chargers open to other electric cars.

However, Teslas like the Tesla Model 3, Y, S, and X have access to a huge number of Superchargers worldwide. Tesla is trying not to alienate its customers by not aggressively clogging up their information and listening to their experiences.

Actually, Tesla wants this process to be as automated as possible so that there’s minimal room for human error. Tesla has selectively made their Supercharging stations more accessible and affordable with the release of their Tesla car app. With a £10.99 monthly subscription, users will receive a lower price per kWh on the same charging station.

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