Nio new cars come in Europe on November 21. Nio surprised everyone with its subscription-only sales approach when it introduced the ET5, ET7, and EL7 earlier this month in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Nio only enables leasing, not purchasing, of automobiles in these four nations, unlike China and Norway. This turned off many potential Nio buyers. However, CEO William Li recently said that the business was “open” to introducing a buy option for its vehicles in Europe. It’s official now.

Nio new cars come in Europe on November 21.

The configuration and purchase of Nio automobiles in the aforementioned European nations will be possible beginning on November 21. What’s so special about November 21? Six years ago, the brand and the EP9 supercar were introduced to the world in London. Vehicles booked with the lease-purchase option will be delivered starting in early 2023. No earlier than November 21 will we publish more pricing and service information.

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