2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali has already sold out. You missed your chance to purchase a 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali because you were too indecisive about rushing into a purchase. There is already a waiting list for all of 2024’s output. The 2025 GMC lineup won’t be available for preorder until 2024. The demand for electric trucks has skyrocketed.

The base price of $108,695 didn’t deter many buyers, and if it remains that low until customers can pick up their vehicles, it may even be considered a steal. If inflation continues as predicted, $100,000 won’t buy very much in a few years. After the instant success of the Hummer EV, which saw an unprecedented number of orders ultimately fulfilled, it seems that General Motors has once again struck gold.

The GMC Sierra sounds like an excellent pickup, exorbitant price tag, and rapid depletion. This proves that the market is desperate for full-size electric trucks and that consumers are willing to wait and pay a premium to get their hands on one.

You’d think GMC would have remembered and been ready for the last time this happened, but they were caught off guard again. GMC and Buick CEO Duncan Aldred has acknowledged the substantial shift in consumer desire for electric cars costing over $100,000, particularly trucks. Indeed, he confirmed that all but ten thousand reservations had already been taken.

2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali has already sold out

Now, the only option is to join a waiting list. Now that manufacturing is ready to increase, the corporation will devote its full attention. Once production speeds up to total capacity in 2024, GMC aims to release cheaper variants of the Sierra EV. After Denali manufacturing gets up to speed, the lineup will grow to include a $50,000 Elevation trim.

Production levels as they are now mean it will be years before the reservation lists for the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Hummer EV are cleared. Those figures are quite promising, showing that consumers desire electric vehicles and do not need to be convinced. With so much money going into the research and development of electric cars and marketing efforts,

I wonder whether there will be enough left over for the manufacturers to produce and ship the vehicles we have bought. Then there’s the question of actual preorders; at $100, it’s not a problem, and plenty of people will place orders with plenty of manufacturers in the hopes of either getting an electric vehicle early or making money by reselling the production slot or the car itself.

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