Tesla’s new software update improves charging efficiency. Update 2022.40.1, Tesla’s latest software upgrade, has begun rolling out to vehicles. It’s being rolled out right now and includes various improvements. The most significant is probably the anticipated efficiency boost while charging with both Tesla Superchargers and conventional DC fast chargers.

It’s all down to the business upgrading the thermal controls to accommodate the different power outputs of the charging stations. So, at least on paper, you save time and money on electricity. That’s a package no one could resist.

Tesla’s new software update improves charging efficiency.

The next addition was a switch for “Driver Door Unlock Mode,” which, when used, allows the driver to unlock all doors, including the trunk, by just pressing and holding the driver’s door lock button. Pressing the button once will only open the driver’s door. To continue, you may now activate Sentry Mode and Dog Mode simultaneously, which will silence the alarm but still notify you of any possible danger.

Even though the loud alarm won’t go off in Sentry Mode, the video will still be recorded and saved. The integrated media player now displays radio station logos, making it much simpler to locate a particular station. It might be a few days (or even weeks) before all cars worldwide get this one since the software rollout often takes some time. However, please do not worry; your order is now in transit.

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