Nissan stops taking orders for the Ariya in the US due to production delays. It sounds like not just EV start-ups, but traditional car makers too are facing production delays due to supply chain issues. Recently, VW announced that they ran out of EVs for the year and now Nissan has also followed suit in the US.

Toyota has informed its dealers in the US that the 2023 Ariya EV will no longer be available by phone or internet preorders and does not recommend reserving a car at this time. Toyota’s website states, “Reservations now closed”.

With the EV’s supply chain issues, caused by pandemics and chip rationing, Boeing also faced delays in getting the 787’s line up and running when the crisis took place in 2020. It is not the first time either. By limiting the time it would take to deliver cars, Nissan could accepted a lot of orders that might have not able to completed on time.

Nissan stops taking orders for the Ariya in the US due to production delays

Mr. Gupta thinks other competitors may end up doing the same and this trend will reduce the demand for new cars. Nissan has yet to determine how long the pause will last, but they have already received a lot of demand in Japan, Europe and the US.

They began deliveries in Japan this month, after yet another delay that originally scheduled for March. Nissan has revealed that they have received 6,800 pre-orders in Japan; 1,500 of them have delivered to date.

A certain US-based Nissan dealership has stated that Nissan has produced 6,000 units of the all-electric vehicle, Ariya, and not processed orders. This dealership is happy with the decision to stop taking orders because 3,600 total reservations are still available.

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