Polestar hasn’t been able to stop being noticed (Polestar invests in StoreDot) since it became an independent entity in the year 2017. Despite being part of the ownership of Volvo as well as Geely and sharing many of its technologies with its parent companies, the designs, designs, and technology as well as its business model are quite distinct.

The most recent move of the brand-new automaker is its first investment. Polestar and StoreDot have joined forces and will work on the developing fast charging electric batteries. The move was not a complete surprise however it was more an issue of timing however, it does appear to be a good idea.

Volvo just recently announced an alliance together with StoreDot and Northvolt that will concentrate on developing and manufacturing on the most efficient charging batteries currently available. It is convenient that the manufacturing of batteries will be located within Gothenburg and Polestar has its headquarters in Torslanda which is just twenty-five minutes from the city. 

If the actual location for manufacturing is in the former Volvo manufacturing facility, then Polestar will not have to worry about logistics for transport since it’s right in front of its door. StoreDot technology was demonstrated recently to to add up to 160 km of range the battery in less than five minutes. 

Polestar invests in StoreDot to secure access to fast charging battery technology

The fear of losing range is disappearing into the past, but until now it has been largely overcome through larger batteries, which can be a self-defeating exercise as a heavier battery weighs more and reduces the range of the vehicle. 

The use of a more energy dense battery is a method that numerous EV manufacturers are investigating however StoreDot has come up with an electric battery that utilizes a silicon-based anodes that speed up charging by a significant amount. 

This means that faster charging can lead to the possibility of having smaller batteries plus lighter cars, and less worry about range. Soon we’ll see both technology utilized together with fast charging as well as high density and cars with a range of 600 km will soon be commonplace.

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