Mercedes-AMG shows all-electric future with Vision AMG. Despite its recent success, AMG started out with a single pickup truck – the “Red Sow” from 1971. In 1988, it became a Mercedes partner and the brand became famous for highly-engineered vehicles.

All that hype led to Mercedes company absorbing AMG in 2005, which ultimately led to AMG’s becoming a household name for high-performance cars. Mercedes engineers have hand built some of the world’s most ruthless engines for Pagani Zonda, Huayra, Aston Martin, as well as Lotus Emira in addition to the Model S and X Turbos that were once theirs.

Mercedes-AMG shows all-electric future with Vision AMG

Those engines provide an endless thunderous omen of what’s to come on every power-on throttle pull. They reward the driver with a wide grin and the physical sensation of tire shredding into rubber ribbons while they get ready to speed off like an F1 hero every 10 seconds.

With its latest electric car, Vision AMG, engineers relied heavily on their experience driving high performance electric Carrera Turbos; however they replaced their iconic tailpipes with sleek lights that harmonize with adjacent headlights while complex camera mirrors provide a 360 degree view.

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