This week, VW launched their new VW ID Buzz. This car is charging at a rapid rate and has increased in price from €64,581.30 to €64,581.30 (30 cents). It comes with a whopping 420km range and offers 205hp of power.

Most exciting of these features is that the car could ease into an accident when it senses one via cameras on the dashboard and sensors around the exterior. The ID. Buzz Pro model includes a 150kW motor with 310Nm of torque paired with a 77kWh battery which can last 650km (380 miles) on a single charge.

VW ID Buzz available from €64,851 in Germany from May 20

Charging the boost takes 30 minutes using a DC charger that is 170kw or more. The coolest feature is Plug & Charge which identifies your car as soon as it plugs in and charges to your account automatically – no need for credit cards anymore!

One of the modes on its 10″ central screen is Car2X which lets you know where your potential danger is ahead through severe weather warnings and swerving support – all available for €65000!

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