Tesla installs cube lounges at Supercharger stations in Germany. You may understandably believe that you have been teleported to Japan via magic. After all, hot food stands there are just as ubiquitous as hot dog stands in New York.

Finally, Tesla is paying attention to its consumers who have been pleading with the company for activities to engage in while their cars are charging for years. Together, Tesla and BK Group plan to build 300 “bk World” self-service lounges around Europe.

Tesla installs cube lounges at Supercharger stations in Germany

The firm will begin putting in pizza vending machines at the Supercharger stations, with 4 currently operational around Bavaria. These lounges will be in addition to those already present. The first lounge is in Endsee and has a variety of drink vending machines that sell hot and cold beverages as well as hot and cold meals.

The lounge is built with sustainability in mind and has a highly contemporary appearance. There are many spots to sit down inside and enjoy your food and beverage. For a little bit of work on the road, there are even two quiet rooms with a desk and wireless chargers installed. Of course, there are standard restrooms, and QR codes are used to manage admission to the lounge.

To use the lounge, you must first register using the app, which looks to be a quick and simple process. For the younger tourists, the lounge has a gaming room with video games. Additionally, the vending machines sell headphones and phone chargers in case your phone charger breaks.

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