The next generations of Dodge Charger and Challenger will be all-electric. Hemi’s era has reached its conclusion. Hemi won’t be around for very long as the electric car revolution is already in “full forward” gear.

Whether we end up with battery or hydrogen cars as the majority of our vehicles is uncertain. Dodge was often believed to be the final remaining heritage brand and the bulwark of the combustion era. It appears that the business failed to inform its supporters about its other ambitions when making them.

According to recent rumors, the next-generation Dodge Challenger and Charger will have Hemi engines once more. Everyone appears to assume that the Ram 1500 will be Dodge’s first all-electric vehicle. It turns out that a Dodge official responded promptly to the Motor1 guys’ email with the following succinct statement:

The next generations of Dodge Charger and Challenger will be all-electric

“The report is false. The Hemi is leaving. The BEV will be the following generation. The announcement that the next Charger and Challenger models would only be powered by electricity couldn’t be more direct or formal. As the Hemi-powered Charger becomes the last of its sort, see how much more expensive the current models become.

This month, the business plans to reveal the next electric muscle vehicle, and we can’t wait to learn more about it. You can tell the game is done when a bombshell like that is dropped. Thousands of purists may howl in indignation at Dodge’s bold and significant action, but in the end, the performance of the first electric muscle car will speak for itself. Dodge rips the band-aid off and ignores the critics rather than waiting for the world to compel it to change.

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